Corporate Chicks Fly

Attention female employees who are overworked, unappreciated, and dread Monday mornings! Get ready to become an entrepreneur.

• Your values are being compromised in the workplace
• You’re in a changing industry that no longer interests you
• Your soul is being sucked by corporate work
• You’re tired of working for someone else’s bottom line
• You long to feel passionate about your work
• You feel called to do work that has greater impact on others

• Dream about becoming an entrepreneur?
• Consider leaving the corporate nest but lack the courage and confidence?
• Want to leave your corporate job but don’t know how to build a thriving business?

It’s an epidemic. Women are leaving the corporate world to start businesses faster than ever before. In the US alone there are 8.3 million women business owners enjoying the rewards of being an entrepreneur. With the growth in women owned businesses and the people they employ, they’re now being referred to as an economic engine.
(Go Women!)

• Waking up excited for each new day of work
• Working with joy and passion
• Working aligned with your values
• Having the freedom and flexibility to work when, where, and how you choose
• Being the only one who controls the amount of money you make
• Understanding why corporate escapees say “they’ll never go back”

• Identifying key skills you need to create success
• Learning the pitfalls from other business owners
• Discovering business strategies of the successful
• Finding ways to get better results with greater ease
• Developing more courage and confidence

• Not having to struggle to build your business alone
• Having an experienced guide for your journey
• Having a private community of women also building their businesses
• Having a partner who supports and celebrates YOU
• Having a teacher, coach, consultant, and mentor (or two!) who have been in your shoes

• Make an investment in yourself?
• Make an investment in your future business?
• Prepare to say “goodbye corporate world”?
• Get started?

THE RIGHT ANSWER IS YES… (even if you gulp when you say it)

You have a unique opportunity to join a limited number of participants in the Corporate Chicks Fly program. This eight week program will meet weekly for 90 minutes and the teleclass format makes it accessible to women everywhere without the expense of travel. The program addresses both the practical aspects of starting a business and the inner work that needs to be addressed to avoid sabotaging your success. The program provides the information, strategies, and support to prepare you to launch your business with courage and confidence – when the time is perfect for you.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get over the eight weeks:
• Discover your readiness to be a business owner
• Learn why it’s critical to do both inner and outer work
• Understand the seven different types of businesses and identify which is right for you
• Evaluate and enhance your courage and confidence
• Learn the components of a business plan and start creating yours
• Identify your business vision
• Know the personal and business needs of a start up
• Learn the pros and cons of choosing a business name
• Determine the marketing collateral you’ll need to get started
• Understand why it’s critical, but not easy, to be a self-manager
• Review legal structures and other mandatory requirements
• Discover our favorite professional resources
• Assess your personality and learn its impact on your success
• Discover the three critical people you need in any business
• Learn why partnerships are fertile ground for problems
• Determine what knowledge and skills need to be strengthened
• Learn how to evaluate your competition and set your prices
• Identify money beliefs that may unknowingly sabotage your business
• Determine your target market and ideal client
• Learn where to market and why you need a marketing plan
• Discover what sales is and isn’t and the mindset you need for doing sales
• Learn why you’ll never succeed if you don’t follow up appropriately
• Understand the minimal financial reports you need to create and review regularly
• Learn how to quickly evaluate the myriad of opportunities that will come your way
• Discover ways to maximize profits
• Learn why you need systems to support your success
• Mastermind with other participants
• And there’s more… even some surprises!

Nancy Grant is a well-respected small business expert, certified coach, and the founder of Nancy Grant Coaching and Corporate Chicks Fly. She left a successful corporate career more than a decade ago to do work that more directly impacts the lives of others. She has worked with hundreds of business women and is passionate about working with them to successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur; have a thriving business without sacrificing their life; and identify the obstacles that keep women from earning greater incomes.

• It’s not going to cost you thousands
• You’ll finally get excited and take action to build a business
• Knowledge, action, and support will build your confidence
• It will be the best investment you’ve made in your business
• And finally, there’s a no-risk guarantee. Fully immerse yourself for the first 30 days of the program. Attend the training and Mastermind sessions; complete the assignments; participate in the private Facebook group; ask for “chick seat” coaching support. If you do, we’re certain you’ll find tremendous value in the Corporate Chicks Fly program through additional knowledge and perspective, increased awareness, and greater confidence. If you immerse yourself fully and still find the program isn’t for you, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

There are two options available
• Corporate Chicks Fly eight week program ($1497 value) only $997
• Corporate Chicks Fly eight week program plus two private coaching sessions ($2497 value) only $1497

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