Corporate Chicks Fly

The surge of women leaving the corporate world is now being called The New Women’s Movement.  Women are feeling overworked, unappreciated, and unfulfilled. More appealing than “having it all” is  ditching the corporate ladder and office politics. Frankly, many women now believe corporations are    inherently flawed and limiting.

High on the list of what women want is freedom, flexibility, fulfillment and being in alignment with    their personal values.

A significant number of women are leaving the corporate world, now being called “opting-out”, to      become their own bosses. Three recent U.S. trends confirm this movement and the success women        entrepreneurs are finding… even during a recession.

  • The number of women-owned businesses grew five times faster than average, reaching 11.3 million
  • Business revenue was 8% higher than average
  • Women are now majority owners in 38% of businesses

Along with a number of other upward trends, it’s easy to see why women-owned businesses and the      people they employ are now being called an economic engine. Go Women!


  • Planned for, thought about, or dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Longed to feel passionate about your work?
  • Brainstormed or doodled business ideas on a scrap of paper?
  • Felt called to do work that has greater impact on others?
  • Considered leaving the corporate world but lack the courage and confidence to make the leap?
  • Wanted to leave your corporate position but don’t know how to build a thriving business?


  • Work with joy and passion
  • Wake up excited for each new day
  • Work in alignment with your personal values
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to work when, where, and how you choose
  • Are the only one who controls the amount of money you make
  • Understand why corporate escapees say “I’ll never go back”

It’s easy to see why more and more women want to leave the corporate world to join the wave of        women who will be their own bosses. Yet… being too impulsive about flying from the corporate nest    can lead to a rocky path filled with obstacles and possibly failure. Conversely, being uncertain and  fearful can lead to paralysis and regret.

With a significant number of businesses failing within five years, before you make the leap it’s      important to make savvy decisions about opting out. The first two crucial decisions you will make are:

  • Is being a business owner right for me?
  • Is now the optimal time to leave the corporate world?

After nearly 20 years in a successful corporate career, Nancy flew from the nest and became a      business owner in 2003. She understands how important these decisions are and the power of having     
the right knowledge, guidance, and perspective as you make them. Nancy has helped hundreds of business women and is passionate about helping you gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to make a savvy decision about becoming an entrepreneur now… in the future… or never.

Take the smartest next step you can make… Contact Nancy today to schedule a complimentary consultation.