Are You Ready? Free Consultation



Ready For a Change?

  • Do you long for freedom and flexibility
  • Are your values being compromised in the workplace?
  • Do you no longer believe in the corporate ladder and “having it all”?
  • Are you in a changing industry that no longer interests you?
  • Are you tired of working for someone else’s bottom line?
  • Have you lost the passion you once had for your career?
  • Is your soul being sucked by your corporate job?


Do You Ever…

  • Think about, dream about, or even slightly consider becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Consider leaving the corporate nest but lack the courage and confidence?
  • Feel called to do work that has greater impact on others?

Now Imagine You Could…

  • Wake up excited for each new day of work
  • Work with joy and passion
  • Work aligned with your values
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to work when, where, and how you choose
  • Be the only one who controls the amount of money you make
  • Understand why corporate escapees say “they’ll never go back”

I was there once myself. More than a dozen years ago I ditched a successful corporate career and became an entrepreneur. It wasn’t an easy decision, yet one I wish I’d made sooner.

My own experience made me passionate to help women just like you. I provide an assessment and a free consultation to help you start exploring your options. You may be ready to fly now, in the future, or perhaps never.

Call or email me to schedule your free Are You Ready? consultation. I look forward to talking with you soon!