Cold Calls

Like making cold calls?

Most people, even those who seem cool and confident, dislike making cold calls. The reason no one likes making cold calls is because more times than not, you get rejected. You could have the best opportunity in the world, but you will still get rejected the majority pf the […]

Networking Skills

How are your networking skills?

In many aspects of life, whether it’s business, career, or your private life, networking skills are important. An extreme extrovert can find networking energizing. Someone new to networking or a full-blown introvert can find it downright scary. For those who straddle the fence between introvert and extrovert, it can […]

Power of Words

How much time to do spend thinking about your words? The words you choose for emails, letters, web site content, conversations and presentations directly impact your chances of making sales.

Carefully chosen words bolster confidence in you, your company and the solutions you are presenting. Do your homework, base what you say on […]

The Foundation

The basics and fundamentals are the foundation of excellence.

Practicing and mastering prospecting, questioning, listening, presenting, and closing will move you towards earning an impressive income and creating a lifestyle that most people only dream about.

Practicing sales basics on a regular basis is like honing your golf game at the driving range. […]