Small Changes Can Change Your Life

“Life is like an ever- shifting kaleidoscope –a slight change, and all patterns alter”. – Sharon Salzberg

Do you believe that small changes can change your life?

Perhaps you believe that the only important changes are those that are substantial and have a significant impact on your life. Substantial changes can be rewarding but […]

Life Happens

Life Happens. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes not-so-good.

We all have opportunities to learn from life’s curves. I’ve had a number of my own this past year. But what I learned years ago through awareness, hindsight, and perspective is that those not-so-good times have happened “for me”, not “to me”. As a result, I’ve developed […]

WordPress Hackers Hard at Work

WordPress Hackers Hard at Work…Sigh

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for WordPress web site hackers. Last week saw a massive attack on WordPress sites, using sophisticated tools to guess passwords and gain access. This week, there is word that an extremely common plug-in (program) in WordPress sites has a security hole […]


A warm welcome! Thank you for finding and visiting my blog.

I chose today, November 1st, 2012, to launch this blog because it’s a meaningful date for my business. Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of my farewell to corporate employment. Today starts the 10th year of my business. The year between the beginning of […]