Overwhelmed Business Owner

Are you an overwhelmed business owner?

Overwhelmed Business Owner
It’s common, especially if you’re a solo business owner or have a business with few resources to delegate to. The number of hats you need to wear are many and can stretch your skills, your knowledge, and your time. How’s that for a scenario that can leave you an overwhelmed business owner?

An effective first step in reducing overwhelm is to create awareness about where you spend your time. Just as you would track your spending to fully understand how money is being spent, you must track your time to see how it’s spent too. You may think you know how it’s spent, but I’ve never found perception to be accurate. You need the actual numbers in order to work more effectively.

Tracking time for a week is usually enough. Do it during a week that as much as possible resembles a typical work week. Although there are time tracking applications you can investigate, a simple way to record your time is with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Down the left hand slide of the paper list the primary activities that comprise your work. These shouldn’t be too large, which won’t provide the detail you need, or too granular. Think mid-point granularity. For example, marketing & sales can be broken down into smaller activities such as: attend networking group, meet with referral partners, write a newsletter, give a presentation, create an advertising campaign, make prospecting calls; make follow-up calls; meet with prospects, etc. Throughout the week, each time you finish an activity, record your time next to the activity in 15 minute increments using a hash mark (short vertical line).

At the end of the week, analyze what you’ve learned. Are you spending the right amount of time on the right activities? Could you accomplish more in a shorter amount of time? What could be delegated? Is it time to hire or contract resources to support you? This exercise has been a powerful tool for my clients to work differently and recapture time (some significantly). Put your ideas into action to start the shift from overwhelmed business owner to one that’s having more fun.

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