Gratitude – A Powerful Force

Gratitude is a powerful force. It can enhance a good life and kick negativity to the curb.


I was reminded of this when I connected with a business friend who I hadn’t spoken with in a year. While it was sad to hear about the health challenges she had encountered, her attitude thoroughly impressed me. As she relayed her experience with finding cancer in one breast, then finding it in the other one, having a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, the word gratitude was generously sprinkled throughout her story.

One of my spiritual teachers recommends we go on a “gratitude binge” any time negativity starts to creep into our thoughts. This is just what it sounds like – notice everything in your life for which you can be grateful.
Try it and realize how quickly the negativity disappears and you gain a new attitude. You simply can’t be negative and grateful at the same time.

It’s pretty easy to find five or ten things for which to be grateful, but can you challenge yourself to feel gratitude for everything in your life – even the negative? It might sound ridiculous, but that’s where the magic will happen.

Do you have a gratitude practice? If not, I invite you to get started with a 30 day commitment to one. Some people journal five or ten things they’re thankful for each day. Others do it verbally, either first thing in the morning or just before sleep (two powerful times of the day). If you already have a gratitude practice, would kicking it up a notch add value to your life? Whatever you choose, remember to go on a “gratitude binge” either to dissolve negativity or see how it might further enrich your life.

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