Power of Words

How much time to do spend thinking about your words? The words you choose for emails, letters, web site content, conversations and presentations directly impact your chances of making sales.

Carefully chosen words bolster confidence in you, your company and the solutions you are presenting. Do your homework, base what you say on accurate information and prepare yourself for success. Use the amazing power of words to gain the confidence of others. State with strong affirmative language and demonstrate authority with your tone.

Below are a few effective phrases to think and say to get results with and through people:
• I am responsible
• I am up to the challenge
• You can count on me
• Consider it done
• I’m on top of it
• You’ve come to the right place
• I give you my word

Notice the difference between “I’ll try” and “You can count on me to get it done”.
For the next month, focus on and examine your speech. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Pay close attention to how people respond to you when you speak with confidence and conviction. Improve your sales by improving your use of words.

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