WordPress Hackers Hard at Work

WordPress Hackers Hard at Work…Sigh

WordPress Hacker

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for WordPress web site hackers. Last week saw a massive attack on WordPress sites, using sophisticated tools to guess passwords and gain access. This week, there is word that an extremely common plug-in (program) in WordPress sites has a security hole that will also allow easy access to compromise sites built in WordPress.

If you do not have a site built in WordPress (i.e. if you do not go in and edit your site/s using a Dashboard, etc.) please disregard this message and have a good day.

If you DO have a WordPress site, whether it was built/is maintained by Web Sites for Good or someone else, have a good day too — BUT also:

1) If you have an easy-to-guess password, like a dictionary word with a few digits after it, or something easy to guess, please change it immediately. Use something that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols if you can, and try to make it at least (really!) 10 characters long or longer.

2) Please read the missive below about a popular WordPress plugin/program called WP-SuperCache. You can either follow the links below and upgrade it yourself, or contact us for options on having us do it.

Until hackers get a life or grow some integrity, they will sadly always be part of life online. We’re just passing along these suggestions to avoid having them ruin your day — a hacked web site is a pretty ugly affair, and can be expensive to get back to normal.

Thanks to my trusted web developer, Margaret Rode, for this article. Visit her website at www.websitesforgood.com

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