Holiday Choices

Holiday Choices are Plentiful.
Holiday Choices

What holiday choices are you making for yourself this year? Are you being drawn into the flurry of the holiday season? Is it enjoyable, or is it overwhelming?

While working with a client who mentioned how stressed and overwhelmed she was every December, I was reminded of one of my most relaxing Christmases. My holiday choice was to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Christmas and head out of town with my then husband. We didn’t decorate a Christmas tree; we didn’t put up decorations inside or outside; we didn’t attend numerous Christmas celebrations or even cook a Christmas dinner. Instead, we bought presents for our family; sent Christmas cards to our friends; and headed for the Bahamas until after the new year. It was a wonderful holiday choice. Not only was it a welcome relief from our normal holiday activities, it was fun to see twinkling white lights on the palm trees.

I love the Christmas season but can feel its warmth simply through being surrounded by beautiful decorations, by listening to Christmas music, and by seeing the always welcome holiday cards and letters I receive from my friends and loved ones.

After suggesting to my client that she consider what she really wants to do this holiday season, she let me know what she’s eliminated that had become routine or expected, and just how much she’s enjoying a relaxing holiday season.

What makes the holiday season special for you? Now think about your typical holiday. Are there activities you engage in simply out of habit, expectations, or guilt? What can you eliminate or change to make the season more pleasurable? Consider giving yourself the gift of holiday choices this season.

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